The Wealth Portal

The Wealth Portal is my hand-selected group of conscious coaches and entrepreneurs who are ready to break their upper-income limit and manifest 10x the money and success they are currently making today without 2 hours a day of energy-releasing rituals, without affirmations galore or adding a whole bunch of work to their plate.

In TheWealth Portal, we are going to be using a combination of expanding your wealth default setpoint while using the manifesting process that always works so that you can receive 10x the money with ease.

Imagine being able to….

● Have complete confidence that you can hit your financial goals that you’ve set even if you never have before without coming up against your stuff.
● Expect new clients consistently booking in, your bank balance increasing, and people reaching out to you with better and better opportunities, with a consistency that gives you goosebumps!
● Being able to serve more people with your soul work and feel excited instead of feeling triggered as you see more and more dollars added to your bank account.
● Feeling your nervous system relax as you see the zero’s rise in your bank account instead of feeling fear and trauma and wondering if it is all going to go away.
● Allow more money in, and allow more support in. As you receive more you create more opportunities for others to support you, so that you can stay focused doing what you love and have more time for you.

You’ll be set up to elevate your income again. You’ll know exactly how to reset your wealth default setpoint and calibrate to a new income goal any time you want.

….regardless of what is going on in the world.

And then it takes just 15 minutes a day to activate and magnetize. Your frequency becomes an ASSET you can use to call in your next level of income at any time you choose.

TheWealth Portal will create fast, predictable results, any time you want because being in flow is key to your success.

We will do this without plodding through a 6-month course before you see a change.

When it seems to take forever, entrepreneurs start to doubt themselves and the process.They support others to make millions and wonder why they haven’t allowed this for themselves yet.

It’s your time now…

And I can’t wait to help you to manifest whatever you desire quickly and effortlessly in a few weeks…

We will use our alignment and manifesting process so that you let go of subconscious blocks, feel lighter and clearer.

… Like our client who was offered a £10k contract out of the blue within weeks of implementing our methods.

… Or our client who doubled her monthly income within the six weeks of working with us.

… Or our client who gained the confidence and certainty to change one of her core services which opened up her capacity to serve more people and increase her income (a win-win!).

You will say bye bye to the subconscious blocks in your nervous system that are holding you back.

In a few weeks, YOU will have activated your next level and become in resonance with your highest level. And you’ll be set up to easily elevate your income again, anytime you

All of the above in and of itself can EASILY bring you a return of multi-six-figures over time – when you use the scripts and activations, I’m handing you.

But what I’m MOST excited about is where I open your Akashic Records.To get to the root cause of these blocks so that you have the certainty and faith of your path ahead.

You will embody the frequency of the leader who magnetizes the clients who pay ultra-premium fees.As much as £10k and up – and calls them in anytime they choose.

The Helix Method ® PLUS The Akashic Record Keepers is the real “secret elixir” behind my clients’ success.

Imagine having an easy predictable way to break through your upper-income limit anytime you choose. To call in your next big payday WITHOUT self-sabotage or losing belief in yourself. That’s what we’re up to in The Wealth Portal.

If you are ready to break your upper-income limit and manifest your next level all in 60 days or less without adding a whole bunch of work to your plate, without 2 hours a day manifesting rituals, and without affirmations galore – DM us here saying you’d like an invitation to The Wealth Portal, and we’ll take it from there. Speak soon! 

Email Us Here For Your Invitation

I just have a couple of questions for you to help me make sure you can easily break through your income ceiling during the programme 🙂 I’ve popped them below – this just helps me to get to know where you are in business and if we can help.