Are you ready to break through your money ceiling and to have exponential success?

Without 2 hours a day of energy-releasing rituals, without affirmations galore, or without adding a whole bunch of work to your plate.

Register now before the 12th August to have the juiciest pricing and bonuses!

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Imagine being able to….

Have complete confidence that you can hit your financial goals, even if you never have before and without coming up against your stuff.

Book more new clients, and have people reaching out to you with better and better opportunities, with a consistency that gives you goosebumps!

● Being able to serve more people with your soul work and feeling excited as you see more and more dollars added to your bank account.

Being able to relax your nervous system as you see the zero’s rise in your bank account instead of feeling triggered or wondering if it is all going to go away.

Allow more money in and allow more support in. As you receive more you create more opportunities for others to support you, allowing you to stay focused on the bits that you love and have more time for you and your family.

You’ll know exactly how to reset your wealth default setpoint and calibrate to a new financial goal any time you want… regardless of what is going on in the world.

And then, it takes just 15 minutes a day to activate and magnetize. Your frequency becomes an ASSET you can use to call in your next level of income at any time you choose.

The Wealth Portal will create fast, predictable results, any time you want because being in flow is key to your success.

We will do this without plodding through a 12-month course before you see a change. When it seems to take forever, entrepreneurs start to doubt themselves and the process. They support others to make millions and wonder why they haven’t allowed this for themselves yet.

It’s your time now…

And I can’t wait to help you to manifest whatever you desire quickly and effortlessly in a few weeks…

You will use our alignment and manifesting process to let go of subconscious blocks and feel lighter and clearer.

Clearing my money fog using Louisa’s methods worked. During that week, literally out of the blue, I got a call to offer me a contract for a year. Not my dream job yet easy and how great it is to have a steady income. Of course, it came to exactly 10k per month 💥💥💥
Wealth Portal takes that energy clearing and wealth consciousness to a whole new level. 

I’d been struggling with money a long time. This was the piece I hadn’t worked on which was the energetics. I had done a lot of mindset stuff, money programmes, but I needed to come down into the heart and do the energy work.

Well, I tripled my income which was so exciting! It was brilliant!

Within 2 weeks of that piece ( releasing the resistance)  I started to have a continuous flow of requests for work that has allowed me to pay my bills two months in advance!

I am so grateful for the path of growth and the community. I’ve really made friends within the programme. We have stayed in touch. This is the first programme where that has happened!

You will say bye-bye to all the subconscious blocks in your nervous system that are holding you back.
In a few weeks, YOU will have activated your next level and become in resonance with your highest level. And you’ll be set up to easily elevate your income again, anytime you want…Wahoo!

All of the above in and of itself can EASILY bring you a return of multi-six-figures over time – when you use the scripts and activations, I’m handing you.

But what I’m MOST excited about is where I open your Akashic Records. To get to the root cause of these blocks at a soul level so that you have the certainty and faith of your path ahead.

You will embody the frequency of the leader who magnetizes the clients who pay ultra-premium fees. As much as £10k and UP – and calls them in anytime they choose.

The Helix Method PLUS The Akashic Record Keepers is the real “secret elixir” behind my clients’ success.

The Helix Method creates rapid transformation by dissolving trauma and subconscious blocks in a nanosecond so that you bring yourself into energetic alignment with all levels of your consciousness and make your manifestations inevitable. It is a method that once you learn you can use across all areas of your life – for life.

Imagine having a predictable way to break through your upper-income limit anytime you choose. To call in your next big payday WITHOUT self-sabotage or losing belief in yourself.

That’s what we’re up to in The Wealth Portal.

We start as soon as you say yes and over the next 12 weeks:

I’ll give you everything you need to start breaking through your money ceiling right now.

Including immediate access to all the training content, including the exact things to focus on to unlock your subconscious and reprogramme your human wifi – so that you start to see immediate changes in your life.

I’ll show you exactly what to watch so you can create momentum fast.
This works every time, making our clients and I double our income in the past 12 months alone.

More importantly…. they’ll allow YOU to create quantum leaps in your success. Woo hoo! 😉

You’ll have access to me for alignment and manifesting. We’ll heal root causes and align you to the divine truth and wealth frequencies on our zoom calls that happen 3 times a month on Wednesdays at 4 pm UK time.

Typically we have no call on the last week of the month and keep this as a week for integration.

Integration is a key part of the transformation, and we have created space for this with no calls over August and during the Christmas period and spring holidays. This time is created for space with your families and integration. So depending on when you are joining us, we will extend your time within the program to accommodate these integration periods.

I also do a lot of personal coaching on Facebook via short video recordings. (This is like 1-1 coaching, bespoke to you and your situation.)

Our Goal: Breakthrough an upper-income limit as fast as possible, with an increase in sales over previous monthly income. Most people who take action on what I layout can expect to hit that in a month or less. Imagine what your life could look like in the next 8 weeks?

Through this 12 weeks transformational vortex you will receive: 

Training Calls

Training Calls and frameworks to guide you through how to identify and release the hidden blocks and resistances, release the financial trauma and goal trauma, how to embody the identity of your next level and daily manifesting process with checklists so that you know exactly what steps to take to have your breakthrough and maintain your uplevel. (Value £5000) 

Group Akashic Records Activations & Q and A Calls

3 love seat calls a month with Akashic Records Activations, laser-focused coaching and energy alignment guidance to dive in deeper to expand your wealth default set point. (Value £5000) 

Private Forum 

A private forum for e-coaching and integration of learning with other soul-aligned high achievers, entrepreneurs, and coaches. (Priceless)

Membership Site

Our training calls, frameworks to uplevel your money consciousness and identity, activations, and call recordings are all housed in a private membership site for your ease. (Value £2,000)

What’s the investment?

Let’s face it there are a lot of cookie-cutter programs out there where you are working through a curriculum along with hundreds and hundreds of other people for over 6 months to a year. Where you are paying £10k to £20k for the opportunity to see if that coach’s approach is aligned with you.

You know that this isn’t for you at this stage of your business.

I’ve doubled my income and my client’s income results by using my manifesting and alignment formula…..

And this year, I am guided to help high achievers create a greater impact and have more wealth. That’s why I was inspired to make this a really easy yes for you.

Choose the option that best suits you.



1 payment of




4 monthly payments of


Total payment of £2,000



8 monthly payments of


Total payment of £2,000

Plus these juicy bonuses for all!

Bonus: Your Roadmap to £10k-£50k Months Masterclass,

you’ll get clarity on your priorities to attract new clients within the next 30 days,

plus our guide for creating your most profitable social media post AND a framework for your own 5-day masterclass launch. (Value £444)

Bonus: Your Bank Balance Activation infuses light codes and frequencies
into your bank balance so that it magnetises money to it. (Value £222) 

AND if you choose to PAY IN FULL, you will also get these awesome bonuses!

Bonus 1: Your Wealth Blueprint Activation in the Akashic Records Trinity. You’ll align your wealth blueprint and soul blueprint, activating quantum leaps in your wealth consciousness. (Value £444)

Bonus 2: A golden ticket to our LIVE annual Virtual Expansion Retreat (8th December 2022) Activate your opportunity wifi and expand your capacity to receive. (Value £444)

Bonus 3: E3 – The Alchemy in Growing Your Audience. An authentic way to add 25-250+ potential clients to your business and £10k+ to your bank account, each and every month. (Value £444)

Got Questions? We’ve got Answers!

You will walk away with a completely different mindset and vibrational attraction
point around money. We have entrepreneurs here with all levels of income, who are
ready to break through to their next level.

You are open to energetic or intuitive work or are familiar with working with your
intuition. You will need to take aligned action on the synchronicities and
opportunities that come your way so that you can manifest your results at a rapid

When you are committed and take action – life will change. Because not to get all
over-excited and that, but the ability to pull money out of the ether whilst making a
bigger impact…is a gamechanger.

The Akashic Records, also known as the “Book of Life,” hold the energetic imprint
of everything in the Universe. Based in Source Consciousness and unconditional
love. They contain the record of your soul’s journey and wisdom from past lives and
karmic contracts.

We will tap into your own Akashic Record and you will be able to access this Source
of unconditional love, truth, and wisdom so you can navigate your next level with
the highest frequency and insight available.

This is the only program focused on breaking through the money ceiling with the
combination of The Helix Method and The Akashic Records.

The Helix Method creates rapid transformation by dissolving trauma and
subconscious blocks in a nanosecond so that you bring yourself into energetic
alignment with all levels of your consciousness and the identity of your future self
making your manifestations inevitable. It is a method that once you learn you can use
across all areas of your life – for life.

The Helix Method combined with accessing the Akashic Records allows you to
receive downloads and guidance without your belief filters and level of
consciousness – it’s like a direct line to what you really need to know.

The Records gives you access to the unfiltered wisdom of Source Consciousness. I
have been doing energy alignment and intuitive work for years and have never
experienced anything like the clarity and wisdom I receive from reading the Records.

Great question! Many of our clients go on to learn our modality to share with their clients in The Helix Method Certification program or to learn the Akashic Records
for themselves and their clients.

And many step into The Infinite Prosperity Collective, our 12 month mastermind.

Let’s chat about the perfect next step for you as you wrap up The Wealth Portal.

First, though, let’s focus on raising your money consciousness and embodying your next level identity so that you can help more people and claim  your money breakthrough.   Whether it’s helping 3 more people, helping 20 more people, it’s up to you! That’s the impact you are going to make.

I would be really gutted if you DON’T feel completely satisfied. So we are not going
to let that happen.

Soooo… as long as you’re taking aligned action in a timely fashion to attract new
clients, and doing the alignment and manifestations ( in the way we layout), and
taking 100% responsibility for your outcomes……

… keep in communication with me and tell me how you are doing, and if you aren’t
satisfied with how things are progressing, we’ll devise a plan for you to get the value
that you have paid for.

The guarantee doesn’t apply if you disappear, manifest a healing crisis, go into deep
processing or healing, or suddenly decide that The Wealth Portal “isn’t in alignment”

We invest a lot in YOU, so I expect you to work through any resistance that comes
up so that you can receive the results you desire.

So the worst thing that can happen is you’re going to walk out of this with a transformation in your money consciousness and breakthrough your upper