Your Aligned Success & Manifesting Curriculum

Here is your training schedule for the next 12 months in Your Impassioned Life.

Each week a new module will become available to you in the Membership Site.

Enjoy this journey and fully immerse yourself in the programme.

(Note: before you embark on Module 1, take some time to complete your Welcome Pack to prepare yourself fully for Your Impassioned Life).

The schedule below provides you with a guideline to keep you on track, so that you complete the modules alongside the group coaching calls, and have time for implementing the content and being fully supported in the group calls.

These modules will support you in creating a paradigm for success and transforming your frequency and vibration so that you manifest more quickly.

I recommend doing your intention activations daily and setting aside some time each week to dive deep into releasing some things you might not have known needing releasing ( which this framework will guide you through) and it will also guide you through releasing some of the stuff you know about!

Month 1:

  • Module 1: Your Vision, Intention & Aligned Action
  • Module 2 :  Increase Your Capacity to Receive with The Art of Allowing

Month 2:

  • Module 3: Setting the Foundation for your Paradigm Shift
  • Module 4: Transforming your Mindset

Month 3:

  • Module 5:  Serenity –  Creating Your Paradigm Shift
  • Module 6: Your Soul- Your Emotional Well Being

Month 4:

  • Module 7: Mind, Body & Soul Wellness
  • Module 8: Creating your Sacred Space

Month 5:

  • Module 9 : Inspiring Harmony- Healthy Relationships in Life and with Your Business
  • Module 10: Your Relationship with You

Month 6:

  • Module 11: Releasing Your Unconscious Bias ( This module is for white, multi racial, bi racial and people of colour living with white privilege to recognise white supremacy, privilege, combat racism and to change the world.)
  • Module 12: Your Lifestyle- Your Relationship with Money

Month 7:

  • Module 13: Grow with Grace – Your Money Mindset

Month 8:

  • Module 14:  Your Work- Passion & People
  • Module 15: Your Work- Passion & Prosperity

Month 9:

  • Module 16:  Your Inner Circle-  Collaborations, Connections & Community

Month 10:

  • Freedom- Living your Impassioned Life


  • Business Mastery
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Career- Interviews
  • Consciously Wealthy