The Helix Method Certification Programme

I’m SO excited that you’re called to find out more about The Helix Method ® Certification

Here’s the story…

I’m bringing together a select group of coaches and teaching them how to incorporate a methodology for rapid transformation with their clients into their business, without having to create programmes from scratch or spending hundreds of hours figuring out their own systems.

We start on the 20th of September…

Together they’ll master the manifesting process that always works, with a complete toolkit and framework that they can use with their own clients within 60 days or less, without having to spend hours on writing up case studies or writing a thesis.

In The Helix Method ® Certification programme we are going to teach you how to coach your clients on manifesting techniques so that they have results greater than they could have dreamed of.

Imagine being able to…
● Have complete confidence that your clients can break through their self-sabotage and blockages.
● Know for certain that your clients will actually get results, leaving them super thankful for the work you did together and giving you glowing referrals.
● Have your clients confidently take aligned action towards their goals, knowing that they are creating the life they dared to dream.
● Facilitate quantum leap results that mean your clients can ditch years of inner work and still see higher levels of transformation.
● Have your reputation for results speak for itself, gifting you with a referral-rich coaching practice.

In The Helix Method ® Certification Programme, I’m going to teach you how to coach your clients to create fast, predictable results any time they want because being inflow without any resistance or interference is key to their success.

….and I can’t wait to help you to master these techniques so that your clients’ desires manifest quickly and effortlessly in a few weeks, amplifying the ripple effect across all areas of their life.

Within our transformational vortex, you’ll…

● Gain a deep understanding into how The Helix Method ® works and why it is different from everything else you’ve ever been taught.
● Master foundational techniques, including how to use the techniques yourself and how to read your client’s energy, to show your clients how to say bye-bye to the subconscious blocks in their nervous system and create exponential results.
● Gain the ability to transform limiting patterns and blockages rapidly for your clients, instead of spending hours of time doing inner work or working with their resistance.
● Have frameworks for common client issues, training on how to work directly with your client’s energy, shifting them into greater alignment for their success – in any area of life.
● Have frameworks for facilitating rapid transformation in a “box” without you having to create it for yourself.

All of the above in and of itself gives you an intuitive methodology you can use for the rest of your life to stay in alignment and to make your manifesting inevitable.

And your clients will too….

The possibilities for using The Helix Method ® in your transformational business are literally limitless!

But what I’m MOST excited about is that as you learn this and start to practice this in your own life, you will embody the frequency of the leader who magnetizes clients who will pay ultra-premium fees. As much as £10k plus – and you’ll know exactly how to call them in anytime you choose.

When you teach your clients to manifest with this method… their results are CERTAIN.

…..Like our client who broke out of a business plateau, manifesting an income breakthrough and a surprise dream job that was in alignment with her highest level essence.

…Or our client who doubled her monthly income within 6 weeks.

…Or our client who healed headaches that she had daily for over 20 years in one session ( and kicked her procrastination to the curb!) resulting in finding a new zest for life and training as a healer and coach.

Imagine knowing how to instantly shift your clients out of fear, doubt, or worry about what if they will achieve their goals and what the future holds … and instead KNOW with 100% certainty that they will manifest their next level.

And you can do this for yourself too.

We all rise together.

This is what we’re up to. And I’d love to have you join us.

Are you ready to empower your clients to create a new reality in any area of life within 60 days?

If this is feeling aligned, pop us a message via this form saying you’d like an invitation to The Helix Method Certification, and we’ll take it from there.

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Spring Enrollment: 17th February 2022 – 19th June 2022 

September Enrollment:  22nd September 2022 – 17th December 2022

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