Pillar Four: Increase Your Capacity to Receive

Download the meditations and activations to support you in developing your vision and intentions into your own folders so that they play easily.  To do this, click the image below and it will take you through to the audio in google drive. Then go to the top right hand corner and see the down arrow ( this is the download button) – click this to download.

Pillar Four: Increase Your Capacity To Receive

Use these meditations and exercises to support you increasing your capacity to receive through working with the Universal Laws with the Law of Giving, it is in giving that you receive.

Twin Hearts Meditation from Pranic Healing

twin hearts meditation- Master Choa Kok Sui from APH on Vimeo.

Twin Hearts Meditation led by Louisa

Twin Hearts Meditation with Exercises Audio – led by Louisa

What science tells us about the Twin Hearts Meditation

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