Pillar 5: We will create a system so that you can expand profitability and stay in energetic alignment with your business as it grows.

What we will be working on:

  • Reviewing budgeting systems so they support profitability.
  • Creating spiritual alignment with your Business Plan Cycle, including ensuring you are fully supported with the right team as your business expands.
  • Ensuring you have the right legal documents and agreements in place to support you as your business grows.

Module: Productivity

Module: Annual Planning for Aligned Success ( Workshop great to do at the end of the year) 

Module: Sacred Commerce: Planning for Profitable Expansion

Module: The Purpose of Cash & Projections

Module: Hiring Your Team ( VA, Copywriter, Videographer, Social Sellers, Accountability Coaches)

Module: Legal Steps to Support Your Business

Module: Tools for Your Business

Recommended Partners

Systems & Trackers

Live Calls with VA Support on Technical Queries:

Training Timestamps:

8:20 – Zapier overview (automatically adding contacts from Google Forms to Mailchimp) and Acuity Q&A

47:00 – Mailchimp run through

59:40 – Tracking new Facebook members, tracking people invited into FB group/challenge

1:10:10 – Email automations and tags (in Active Campaign and Mailchimp)


Training Timestamps:

17:40 – Social media insights / stats and Facebook tips

38:45 – Instagram overview including hashtag explanation, and Linktree (for listing multiple website links on your Instagram profile bio)

51:30 – Linkedin overview and how to find and connect with ideal clients

1:01:30 – Facebook (create room/watch party/downloading videos)

1:13:55 – WordPress intro and general video queries

1:35:00 – Uploading videos to Instagram


Implementation Session, with discussion on Stripe payment links