Module 7 – Your Physical Body and Manifesting

Part  One: Mind, Body & Soul Wellbeing

I include guidance on completing the energy alignment exercises for you to follow along to over a 10 day period.

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Part 2: Your Psoas Muscle – Releasing Emotions From Your Fascia &

Your Psoas Muscle for Super Charging Your Manifesting

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Part three: 3 Advanced Techniques to Speed Up Your Manifesting

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The Metaphysical Ways  for Physical Wellbeing

with Energy Kinesiology Scripts

BONUS: An Introduction to Meta Health

BONUS: Meta Medicine Ebook – Understanding Your Body Natural Healing Process

It is beyond the scope of this program to provide energy alignment coaching in relation to specific health conditions. This bonus has been provided you with some support to help you get started. You are welcome to book in a 1-1 deep dive intensive for this:

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You can see some examples in the Facebook group for Chrons, Sinus pain, and Endometriosis.

For further reading, I recommend Evette Rose’s Metaphysical Anatomy which is an excellent book for energy healing practitioners.