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The Wealth Portal

Have you ever tripled your income?

Tina Hull has. 
Tina loves being able to work online anywhere in the world.
And to her surprise… her business was growing from the 5-day Aligned to Wealth Masterclass, so she joined The Wealth Portal.
She had done a lot of mindset work on money before but hadn’t done anything on the energetics.
She discovered some surprising subconscious resistances that she was able to release, and as a result attracted more clients to her and resulted in tripling her income whilst she was in the programme.
She then jumped into The Akashic Records Certification Programme to offer Akashic Records Readings for her Clients.
And now, with the increased income growth, a deeper connection spiritually has huge self-trust and confidence. Resulting in more fulfillment and joy within her business. 
Testimonial for The Wealth Portal. 

Take a listen to some highlights from client conversations on their experiences in the Wealth Portal.

Testimonials for The Wealth Portal. 

Have you had £10k drop in out of the blue?
“I decided to join whatever Louisa offered after my experience with her in the free alignment group back in November 2020.
I love her calm, gentle, caring energy.
I love the total confidence and upbeat way she lifts everybody’s expectations.
Mostly I love that she shows a way, practically AND energetically to raise your own energy and self-confidence.
Personally, I knew this was my missing link.
At that point I had just finished a part-time contract after I had been retrenched in March, I had zero work and zero prospects on the horizon. I was living on a fast-dwindling supply of credit and self-confidence.
It seemed insane to declare 10k months as my money goal.
I am no newcomer to manifesting work, subconscious reprogramming and being clear about my goals.
Louisa takes it to the next level.
Clearing my money fog using Louisa’s methods worked. During that week, literally out of the blue, I got a call to offer me a contract for a year. Not my dream job yet easy and how great it is to have a steady income. Of course, it came to exactly 10k per month 💥💥💥
Wealth Portal takes that energy clearing and wealth consciousness to a whole new level. Through the 8 week program, I found more blocks and beliefs that needed clearing.
I released all sorts of past limitations that had been holding me back and looked them in the eye and let them go. The program work, the videos, and training could have been enough but the real game-changer is the group calls.
I’d been feeling rushed, pressured, and these group calls which were small and open felt like coming home.
Sharing our experiences and then having Louisa guide us in Akashic Records work connected us all in a way that’s difficult to put in words yet its power is self-evident.
During this period I signed on my first private coaching client and I feel 100% confident that the rest will unfold. I decided that whatever she offered next I join in. And so I have!”
Gillian Viljoen, Business Leadership Coach
Testimonial for The Wealth Portal

How would it feel to start up your business and have payments stacked in advance for your bills?

Let Stef Skupin tell you!

Stef has a veterinary medical background and helps health care professionals and healers manage their stress in their career.

Her business was effectively a start-up at the beginning of the year and not making any money. She took the Free Aligned to Wealth Masterclass…..all of a sudden she had money coming in.

She decided she wanted to break through her income ceiling and knew something needed to shift so she jumped into The Wealth Portal.

Her breakthrough came towards the end of The Wealth Portal as she saw how much resistance she was carrying towards being financially responsible for earning money for her family.

She was surprised to find that within 2 weeks of releasing that resistance she got consistent requests for work that are allowing her to pay her bills 2 months in advance.

Stef continues her growth and is loving the continued support of the community, and the friendships made.

Watch her story HERE:

Stef Skupin

Testimonial for The Wealth Portal

The Infinite Prosperity Collective

Have you got financial freedom?
Samantha Selby does.
Sam loves being able to combine her passions and purpose within her business, serving her clients around the world.
She recognised that her relationship with wealth and money was so important in the growth for her business, and her desire to create freedom. So she invested in herself with The Wealth Portal and Infinite Prosperity Collective.
And to her surprise… she made her time and financial investment back 50 fold!
She discovered she was able to expand her wealth consciousness and as she allowed more income in, running her masterclasses for her community, this resulted in a sense of consistency and stability within her business as it grows.
And now, with the increased income growth, a deeper sense of trust and belief in herself and her business, she has the freedom she craved for her and her family. 
Testimonial for Infinite Prosperity Collective. 

Take a listen to some highlights from client conversations on their experiences in The Infinite Prosperity Collective

Testimonials for Infinite Prosperity Collective. 

The Akashic Records ( Soul Journey’s Method)

Do you trust yourself to follow your path?
Bonnie Marshall does.
Bonnie is a gifted Theta Healer and always thought she would teach this. She was blown away when through her work in the Akashic Records, she was gifted a new healing modality.
In our conversation, Bonnie shares her tips on having a deeper connection whilst working in the Akashic Records.
We talked about the difference between intuition and the depth of insights and clarity that you get within the Akashic Records, and the gift of all the wonderful different energy healing modalities.
She discovered a depth working with the Akashic Records and she is excited to offer this service to her clients.
Testimonial for Akashic Records Immersion. 

Testimonials for Akashic Records Immersion ( Soul Journey’s Method)

Private Coaching & Immersions

Have you got a big mission?

Wendy Leung has. 

Wendy wanted some help with shifting some energetic blocks that were holding her back in her sales and her discovery calls.

She wanted to serve more clients and to be able to help her community to step into working with her so that they could be rid of IBS forever.

She discovered she could develop her business in a way that was in flow with her and her energy so that she continued to uplevel herself.

And to her surprise… She discovered she could host discovery calls in a heart-centered way and enjoyed connecting with her potential clients’ on the calls.

Watch her story HERE:

Testimonial for Private Business and Success Coaching

Do you want to keep growing and moving forward?

Kaylie Simmone does! 

Kaylie is the face of her personal brand and knows the importance of being in alignment to grow her business.

We discuss the benefits of doing energy work regularly so that you can keep the flow going.

Kaylie wanted to launch a new mastermind at a higher price point and needed to embody this new price point so that she could be in flow as she launched it. Kaylie let go of believing you have to work hard to create money, she was surprised that she could allow her energy to allow it to be easier and it could be fun!

Watch her story HERE:

Testimonial for Private Energy Alignment Immersions.

Business is fun and enjoyable!

Jane Mims discovered… Jane was feeling a lot of struggle and conflict with herself and business. She found that she was able to forgive inner grudges that she wasn’t even aware of so that she could let go of the push-pull energy that had developed.  She found she is more relaxed and enjoyable and has more resilience to deal with some of the things that arise in scaling a business. She noticed that the inner work didn’t just affect her business but it had a ripple effect across all areas of her life. Watch her story HERE:

Testimonial for Private Energy Alignment Immersions.