What My Clients Say

From Local Practitioner to Global Authority

“Before I started business mastery I had a fairly successful therapy business, I had been selling packages of sessions to my clients for a while but sales were not consistent and what I offered as part of the packages were one-to-one sessions, which still meant I wasn’t living my dream of working less for more money, giving me that most precious thing, time.

I didn’t have any hesitations in working with Louisa as a coach, her energy, outlook on life, and her own business success meant I completely trusted her to deliver.

The investment in the program was a stretch for me, and that did make me hesitate and consider carefully my next steps, I have invested in coaches in the past, so I appreciate the value of a good one, and the disappointment you can feel when the sales patter doesn’t match up with the delivery.

After 3 weeks of working with Louisa, over the course of just one day, I sold 3 new programs at my VIP level, financially this means I have already made back my investment, with the help of Louisa’s coaching I felt comfortable increasing my prices and creating a program that my clients were eager to buy.

The level of training and support Louisa gives is simply outstanding, her business experience is invaluable, she genuinely wants you to succeed and becomes your biggest cheerleader, I look forward to the calls each week knowing that her advice and support comes direct from her heart.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants more time, freedom and abundance in their life, this really is one of the best, if not the best coaching program out there, and I have done a few!”

Samantha Selby, Transformational Energy Coach.

Kaylie-  Aligned for Success

From a Business Plateau in Network Marketing to Promotion

From Out of Flow Discovery Calls to Aligned Service

From Inner Conflict and Struggle to Connecting with Her True Self 

From Burnt Out to Aligned Success

I began working with Louisa Havers when I was entering a (chosen) season of massive change in my life.  I had lost a beloved animal family member, quit my six-figure job and would soon sell (and move from) my beautiful home.  I did not know what I’d be doing or where I would be living.  I did know that I had lost my bearings-  I had for too long been with a company, in a role, that was sucking the life energy out of me.

I did not trust my decision making and there were so many important decisions to be made.  I was directed to Louisa and her work by the Universe, a “right way” higher power- I have no doubt.  What is the saying? “When the student is ready, the teacher is presented.”

I have done a lot of work on “self” since I was in my early twenties.  I had never experienced (nor heard much about) energy work.  Over the course of the time working with Louise, and the beautiful Impassioned Life Community, I established the behaviors to be “in flow” and the sense of when I was no longer there, and how to get back.  With this, I developed a confidence and comfort in my decision making- one unlike any I had experienced before.  I not only sold my home and moved, but I wrote a book (soon to be a best-seller) and started three businesses, each one tapping into a part of myself and my life that I love.  All grounded deeply in passion and purpose.

Louisa is a caring, compassionate and gifted soul- here to help, support and guide people like myself.  If you are looking for ways of being and living that are easier and aligned to your “right way” the work with her could hold the keys.  It did for me.  I cannot thank her enough.  I do wish her, and you, all the abundance and blessings possible.

With much love and gratitude,

Lisa Gravel

From the Uncertainty of Redundancy to a Happier Life

Clients Share Their Experiences of Your Impassioned Life

From a Fear of Change and to Embracing Change in a Career

From Burnt Out to Aligned Success

From the Corporate Hamster Wheel to a Purpose Filled Life

From a Life on Hold to Authentic Living

From Disillusioned to Positive 

Before I started working with Louisa, I felt unhappy, disillusioned and sad and I was extremely worried about finding new work opportunities and also someone special to share my life with.  I listened to Louisa’s webinar on 31st December 2017 and liked the sound of EAM and the positivity that exuded from Louisa.  So, I decided that I needed to do something to change the way that I felt.

I loved all the sessions I had and I am very happy that we identified some negative beliefs, patterns and energy around various scenarios.  We worked together and have cleared all of these to enable me to move forward positively.  I now have a daily routine to check in to make sure that “ I am in flow” and I use EAM to guide me when I am unsure about something.

I highly recommend Louisa’s programme to others who feel ‘stuck” in their current situation whether it relates to work issues or issues in your personal life.  Louisa has helped me to change my mindset to become more positive and I am extremely grateful for all the additional information and support that Louisa provided.

Sarah Flindall, Business Consultancy Services.


From Burnt Out to Aligned Success

I was at a point in my life where I hated my job and I needed to identify my passion and purpose  and to create a plan to retire, and I wanted to practice more self love. So I decided to invest in myself and do the programme.

My life has done a complete 360 turnaround, . It’s been amazing, I have learnt new practices which I have built into my life. I feel part of a whole new supportive community ( of friends and likeminded people), and I love my job now and life. I know I need to be by the sea and I am taking actions to get there. It also highlighted other stuff which came up and I dealt with these.

The biggest benefits for me have been learning EAM, meditation practices, positive affirmations which I practice daily and realising I’m worth it. Investing in me has been positive for not just me but my family and friends. I loved supporting others in the group and finding out I am a light worker. I have changed and opened up to the Universe. The list just goes on… Louisa has an awesome energy around her which puts you at ease immediately. Louisa has a way which enables you to feel safe and secure to open up about your issues and work through these throughout the programme. I felt extremely lucky to have discovered her and she has become a true friend for life. 

To anyone thinking of doing the programme, just do it you honestly won’t regret it. Your life will be improved and your outlook will change to a more positive and loving persona. 

Ruth Dollen.

Clearing the Unknown Resistance to Receiving More

“I love Louisa’s profound healing work. She’s got an incredible gift of helping women move beyond their blocks and blast into BLISS. We were able to clear out some old stuff I was not aware I was holding onto. After my session with Lou I felt more confident, empowered, grounded and FREEER to be me in all areas of my life. I highly recommend working with Lou if you’re ready to breakthrough what’s holding you back and open yourself to receive more abundance, joy and peace!”

Amanda Moxley  International Speaker Business Coach.


From Frustration to Business Flow

I had been working to build a new business, putting in many long hours and I was feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I knew I had a few energetic blocks preventing me from moving forward with my work, and I wanted help to clear them so I could get back in flow and move my business forward. My experience was so great – Louisa led me through the process with ease and I was able to physically connect with and feel my blocks as they moved out of my body and my energy field. As an acupuncturist, I’m connected to energetic flow in my work and in daily life, and I found the process of asking the body yes or no through the swaying technique so fascinating because it’s so simple and extremely intuitive, bypassing the doubts of the mind. I was able to ground myself and clear the blocks I was holding onto. I felt calmer and more centered after the session. I would absolutely recommend the sessions to anyone who is feeling blocked, stuck, held back by any beliefs, self-doubts or fears either consciously or subconsciously.

Wendy Leung, Holistic Health & Happiness Coach


From the Corporate Hamster Wheel to a Purpose filled Life

I had just been made redundant from work after 7 yrs. I knew I wanted to work for myself and create a better life for my daughter Brooke & I but didn’t have a clue doing what or whether I had it in me to be my own boss. I had also been single a long time resulting in a lack of confidence in myself in a lot of areas of my life. My relationship with my family wasn’t great either, making me feel alone with minimal support especially emotionally to succeed most of the time.

I decided to invest in Your Impassioned Life as I felt like I had been on a hamsters wheel of life for too long and that if I didn’t invest in myself and find a way off that hamsters wheel, I would never be able to provide my daughter and I with the life I had envisioned when she was born 8 yrs ago.

 At the beginning I struggled with the group calls as I am (was) a very private person so opening up to strangers I felt completely out of my comfort zone. However I soon came to realise that they were all on similar journeys and everyone felt out of their comfort zone in their own way too and I started to look forward to the weekly calls to hear everyone updates and feel part of a family of like minded people that were supporters in each other. The course work was easy to follow and Louisa was always just a message away if I got truly stuck.

 There were so many benefits to this programme that when immersed in it you can’t see how far you’ve come but on reflection; I found my confidence, I found myself again, I got off the hamster wheel and started enjoying time with my daughter, time for myself, started making more plans with friends as I wasn’t worrying so much about money all the time or if I was intruding on their family life on a weekend being single. I let go of limiting beliefs and fears around internet dating to put myself out their again. I realised my passion for song writing was more than a hobby and finally allowed myself to acknowledge I had a talent that I could be proud of not shy away from in fear of overshadowing someone elses lack of confidence. I changed my relationship with my family just by doing the work on myself and changing perceptions to past events & people personas (this one was huge) to feeling connected and healed from old wounds. I found my passion, purpose, confidence and desire to help people that has enabled me to set up my own Transformational Life coaching business using skills I had acquired but wasn’t sure how to utilise as a home business until this programme.

 Louisa has such a calming, patient, warm and happy vibe that she puts you at ease from the moment you speak with her. She has such passion to see everyone succeed and was always able to rectify problems or answer questions by her knowledge of EAM & Pranic healing that she instilled confidence in me that I could do it even on the days I doubted myself.

I would recommend anyone to this programme that truly wants to change their lives for the better and are ready to let go of the emotional & limiting patterns or habits that no longer serve them.

Leigh B

Transformational EFTMR Life Coach, Singer & Songwriter

From Not Knowing How to Release the Beliefs to Aligned Abundance

Prior to working with Louisa, I’d been struggling with money blocks. I had certain beliefs around wealth which I knew came from childhood and were affecting my ability to create abundance in my life.  After talking to Louisa about energy and how our beliefs from past experience affect our lives, I had a brief taster session of finding out what my blocks are and removing them. It was amazing! I wanted to know more after that. During the sessions, I was able to tap into just what was blocking me subconsciously and even be guided into working out when these blocks started forming. We then had a fascinating and emotional time clearing them.  The immediate benefit was that I was able to have clarity on what was stopping me move forward. I now know what to look out for in my life if I feel blocked in the same area. I have tools to work through any other negative beliefs and clear them. I can also now use these same tools to test what I want to design in my life.

I’d absolutely recommend the sessions. We all have self limiting beliefs but we often don’t really know what they are or how to change them. I’ve read lots of books about this but never had anything so practical to make a difference. Louisa, you are like a personal cheerleader throughout the process with your positivity and enthusiasm! Thank you!

Alison Arden, Acupuncturist


Clarity Provided Aligned Success

” I found coaching with Louisa really helpful.  It gave me the time and space to reflect and devise pathways to next steps.  Previously I haven’t thought out and planned next steps in any structured way  before, analysing steps and have generally leapt from one opportunity to the next without really considering where that would take me and almost if it was somewhere I wanted to go or not!  I also have never looked at or thought to really look at my career  in terms of aligning it to my values and beliefs.

I now have a plan of action that makes the next steps feasible.  We have a programme of events mapped for the year, how I can actually make the most of the opportunity to give it the best chance to be a feasible opportunity and development for a future career or at least an opportunity to develop new skills.   Now feel like I am at the point where I just need to do it and try to make it work.

Through coaching I have gained more insight and to actually critically evaluate opportunities and changes, to think about what’s important to me.  To pause and critically think about my career.

Also, confidence generally, but particularly in the idea of doing my own thing and making that work. I found the exercises with tools have been particularly helpful to draw out thoughts I almost wasn’t really aware of and that I am not sure would have surfaced without this work.  The reflective nature of coaching generally with open questions and space to try to answer these.

Louisa has a very open style which encouraged me to be open, and Louisa was provided me with a flexible structure to allow work to be carried out between sessions and to take account of timing of key events and time sessions following these, for example, a session a little while after an event.  Also, I think Louisa has a really good knack at knowing how much coaching is needed and is very self-aware to ensure the ethos and boundaries of coaching are retained so as ensure it’s an enabling process and not creating a dependency.

I think Louisa may have had a crystal ball, as the self- limiting beliefs exploration was really timely, given what happened at that time.  If I hadn’t looked at it in that session, I may not have dealt with that so well when I needed to and that could have had a massively negative impact on how I handled the interview with our speaker.  As it was, it totally went the other way and we have the same speaker lined up for two further events where I will be interviewing her and the feedback is she really likes us!”

Thank you so much Louisa.

Jo, Events Manager, Brighton