Akashic Records: Bonnie Marshall, Coach and Healer

Do you trust yourself to follow your path? Bonnie Marshall does.

Bonnie is a gifted Theta Healer and always thought she would teach this. She was blown away when through her work in the Akashic Records, she was gifted a new healing modality.

Akashic Records Testimonial Reel

Show reel for The Akashic Records Training.

Testimonials for The Akashic Records Training. Follow your soul, it knows the way.

Wealth Portal: Testimonial Reel

A short reel highlighting clients sharing their experiences in The Wealth Portal.

Testimonials for The Wealth Portal.

Infinite Prosperity Collective: Testimonial Reel

Take a listen to some highlights from client conversations on their experiences in The Infinite Prosperity Collective

Testimonials for Infinite Prosperity Collective.

Infinite Prosperity Collective: Sam Selby, Astrology and Channel

Have you got financial freedom? Samantha Selby does.

Sam loves being able to combine her passions and purpose within her business, serving her clients around the world.

Wealth Portal: Stef Skupin, Coach

How would it feel to start up your business and have payments stacked in advance for your bills? Let Stef Skupin tell you!

Stef has a veterinary medical background and helps health care professionals and healers manage their stress in their career.

Wealth Portal: Gillian Viljoen, Business Leadership Coach

Have you had £10k per month drop in out of the blue? Gillian Viljoen has.

"I decided to join whatever Louisa offered after my experience with her in the free alignment group back in November 2020. I love her calm, gentle, caring energy.

Wealth Portal: Tina Hull, Energy Healer and Coach

Have you ever tripled your income? Tina Hull has. 

Tina loves being able to work online anywhere in the world. And to her surprise… her business was growing from the 5-day Aligned to Wealth Masterclass, so she joined The Wealth Portal.

Expert Directory – Marina J

My job is to get as many light leaders at the top leading (where they belong) by releasing the Narc Template® from their businesses and personal lives; and we need the Global narcs on the bottom where they belong.

We need leaders until we're all leading ourselves. It's a 20 year run I feel. We are the real leaders of this planet. It's TIME .

Ep7: Your Brand’s Hero’s Journey

In this episode, Louisa takes you on your brand's hero's journey, and how to use the obstacles face in business as gifts for transformation and growth.

Download your Brand's Hero's Journey worksheet here.

Louisa helps leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches lift the ceiling in life and business, so that they can live at their fullest self-expression, with self-trust, freedom, and peace of mind.