Wealth Portal: Jackie Philip, Artist

From no sales for 6 months to 3 in the first 6 weeks of the Wealth Portal.

After viewing a Masterclass with Louisa Havers I had no hesitation in 'jumping in' to The Wealth Portal and I am really glad that I did. Louisa is very genuine and generous with her insights and wisdom and her Akashic activations are beautiful and enlightening, filled with love and light.

Ep8: Handling Change and Challenges on Adventures – Interview with Siv Harstad

Siv Harstad is a speaker, expedition leader and author whose philosophy is to inspire and motivate people to Dream Big in their life. After surviving Nepal’s 2015 major earthquake, resilience and determination led her back to Everest, making her the the first Norwegian woman to climb Mount Everest from the Nepali side.

Siv has climbed the 7 summits, 5 out of 7 of the world's tallest volcanoes, and is on a mission to the North and South poles.

Infinite Prosperity Collective: Krystalline Ascension

Are you aligned with how your business is growing? Eva Lukacs and Alicia Lukacs-Hall are.

Eva and Alicia are Galatic Guides and business partners for Krystalline Ascension, they joined Infinite Prosperity Collective so that they could create their legacy business in a soul-aligned way, as they assist humanity in their ascension journey.

Expert Directory – Julia Fry

Julia Fry helps artists and coaches increase their self-compassion so they can create and sell with ease and joy.

She is the creator of the SHINE Collective - where you significantly expand your self-compassion in 42 days or less, feeling lighter and happier and authentically you.

The Helix Method: Glenda Barber, Spiritual Coach

Do you feel connected with your higher self? Glenda Barber is.
Glenda is committed to helping people find their soul purpose and found that using The Helix Method gave her a roadmap for her connection with her higher self for her own wellbeing and for her client's wellbeing.

The Helix Method: Michelle Fernades, Wellness Warrior

Do you feel passionate about healing? Michelle Fernades is.
Michelle is a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Warrior, and uses The Helix Method for healing people.  The Helix Method was the puzzle piece that she needed to be able to transform her client's issues.

The Helix Method: Mandy Morris, Empowerment Coach

Do you continuously grow your skills? Mandy Morris does.
Mandy is highly trained in a number of modalities and knew she had to do The Helix Method. She was delighted to be given three ready made programmes, so she didn't have to think about it or create anything from scratch.

Private Immersions: Jane Mims, Leadership and Mindset Coach

Business is fun and enjoyable!

Jane Mims discovered… Jane was feeling a lot of struggle and conflict with herself and business. She found that she was able to forgive inner grudges that she wasn’t even aware of so that she could let go of the push-pull energy that had developed.

Private Immersions: Kaylie Simmone, Brand Strategist

Do you want to keep growing and moving forward? Kaylie Simmone does!

Kaylie is the face of her personal brand and knows the importance of being in alignment to grow her business. We discuss the benefits of doing energy work regularly so that you can keep the flow going.

Private Immersions: Wendy Leung, Holistic Wellness Expert

Do you have a big mission? Wendy Leung does.

Wendy wanted some help with shifting some energetic blocks that were holding her back in her sales and her discovery calls. She wanted to serve more clients and to be able to help her community to step into working with her so that they could be rid of IBS forever.