Ep12: The Impact of Buried Emotions – Interview with Tina Hull

Tina is a Restorative Health Guide, Mindset Coach and Akashic Records Consultant.

She helps women release and heal emotional wounds without having to relive them so that they are happy and connected to who they are meant to be. She does this using her signature Method called Infinitely YOU!

Ep11: Your Brand in Your SELF is a Recipe for Success – Interview with Sylvie Barr

Sylvie has over 25 years experience in Marketing and Branding. She set up her own business after various roles in purpose led organisations like Cafédirect and RNIB.

Sylvie helps business owners grow their business the way Mother Nature taught us - wholesomely and sustainably.

Ep10: Ascension Astrology for Success in Life & Business – Interview with Samantha Selby

Samantha Selby is the Astrological Energy Healer and channel for Star Goddess Activations. She is the creator of Ascension Astrology, a blending of modern science, psychology, transformational energy techniques with the ancient art that is Astrology.

Following  the divine guidance that she receives, Sam mentors, teaches and guides  women spiritual entrepreneurs that want to reveal, heal, activate and  step into their feminine energy for more peace, joy, prosperity and  stability in their lives.

Ep9: Sacred Harmony Within – Interview with Glenda Barber

Siv Harstad is a speaker, expedition leader and author whose philosophy is to inspire and motivate people to Dream Big in their life. After surviving Nepal’s 2015 major earthquake, resilience and determination led her back to Everest, making her the the first Norwegian woman to climb Mount Everest from the Nepali side.

Siv has climbed the 7 summits, 5 out of 7 of the world's tallest volcanoes, and is on a mission to the North and South poles.

Akashic Records: Siv Harstad, Speaker & Expedition Leader

Do love living a life full of adventures? Siv Harstad does. 

Siv is a speaker, works with leaders, and leads extreme expeditions and trained as Akashic Records Consultant and found it was an amazing journey, and found this modality to be the most powerful she had ever tried. 

Akashic Records: Gill Kearney, Intuitive Life and Business Coach

Gill discovered that she was able to shift things more quickly with the Akashic Records, and loved how her intuitive gifts developed, and the love and friendship from the community members.  

She is now able to offer this additional service to her clients too.

Akashic Records: Michelle Fernades, Holistic Coach

Are you on a spiritual journey? Michelle Fernades is.

Michelle studied the Akashic Records and it completely changed the way that she looks at herself.

Infinite Prosperity Collective: Marina J, Integrative Life Coach

Have you got a big mission? Marina J does.

She wanted to scale her business so she could make a bigger difference in the world, helping her clients to move on from the impact of narcissism, without working harder, or feeling stressed out or exhausted.

Akashic Records: Mandy Morris, Empowerment Coach

Mandy had spent most of her life feeling disconnected and found a deeper connection spiritually through the Akashic Records.

And now, her growth continues as she is stepping into teaching others to become Akashic Record Consultants. Resulting in more impact and joy within her business.

Infinite Prosperity Collective: Julia Fry, Self Compassion Coach

Have you calibrated to allowing more money in? Julia Fry has.

Julia loves helping her clients to create more ease and flow, and she has allowed herself to create more of this for herself within her own business.